Eurecom OpenAirInterface (OAI)

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EURECOM has created the OpenAirInterface (OAI) Software Alliance (OSA), a separate legal entity from EURECOM, which aims to provide an open-source ecosystem for the core (EPC) and access-network (EUTRAN) protocols of 3GPP cellular systems with the possibility of interoperating with closed-source equipment in either portion of the network. In addition to the huge economic success of the open-source model, the Alliance will be a tremendous tool used by both industry and academia. More importantly it will ensure a much-needed communication mechanism between the two in order to bring academia closer to complex real-world systems which are controlled by major industrial players in the wireless industry. In the context of the evolutionary path towards 5G, there is clearly the need for open-source tools to ensure a common R&D and prototyping framework for rapid proof-of-concept designs.