Synchronizing USRP Events Using Timed Commands in UHD

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Application Note Number


Revision History

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This AN discusses Timed Commands in UHD. We will explore usecases, theory of operation, and examples of timed command use in UHD 3.x.


This application note will cover testing your USRP to verify it is operational. You will need to have a working installation of UHD to preform the following steps to verify your USRP. If you do not have UHD installed, please reference the Building and Installing the USRP Open-Source Toolchain (UHD and GNU Radio) on Linux, OS X and Windows Application Notes.

Alternatively, you may use the Live SDR Environment to perform the following steps. More information about the Live SDR Environment is available at the Live SDR Environment Getting Started Guides page.

Timed Commands: Overview and Usecases

Clocking and Timekeeping in the USRP

USRP Time Sources

UHD API for Timed Commands

Example: Using Timed Commands to Phase Align Channels

Example: Using Timed Commands to Control GPIO