UHD Device Eraser and Certificates of Volatility

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This Application Note provides an overview of the UHD Device Eraser utility as well as links to the Certificates of Volatility for all Ettus products.

UHD Device Eraser Utility

The uhd_device_eraser utility overwrites all non-volatile memory from any Ettus USRP supported by it.

Note that any volatile memory on the USRP is cleared simply by removing all power from the device. This utility overwrites information that persist after removing all power, that stored in non-volatile memory.

The utility is provided as source code, and requires UHD (headers and library) to be installed as well as the UHD source code be available on the build computer. It uses CMake to build (just like UHD does) and works with any version of UHD from 3.7.2 through 3.15.

This utility will be provided per your specific request via an email to support@ettus.com . Ettus support will first require you to note receipt of our standard warnings in a first email, then once noted will provide a tarball of the utility.

NOTE: This utility, because it erases settings used by your USRP for runtime functionality, will render your USRP unusable ("bricked"). It is entirely possible to make your USRP usable again ("unbrick" it), details of which are provided by Ettus support in emails as well as the top-level README of the utility tarball.

Certificates of Volatility



E310 / E312 / E313