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SDR-Boston Slack Chat Server

The Boston Software Defined Radio User Group, or SDR-Boston, maintains a free public Slack chat server where the community can have real-time discussions and conversations. This provides a way to live conversations with people from Ettus Research as well as with people in the broader community.

SDR-Boston was founded in 2010 with the mission to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to enable greater collaboration within the SDR community via the hosting of technical workshops and gatherings.

The New England Workshop on Software-Defined Radio (NEWSDR) is an event that is run every May/June, and is organized by the SDR-Boston group.

Please note that the primary methods of technical support for NI/Ettus USRP hardware and software are NI SRM and the various Mailing Lists, but the SDR-Boston Slack chat server provides a different and alternative way to obtain support from both NI/Ettus engineers and from the SDR community.