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Blogs, Websites, and on-line Books


Digital Wireless Communications

  • Guide to Wireless Communications (3rd Edition) by Jorge Olenewa
  • Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition) by Theodore S. Rappaport
  • Wireless Communications from the Ground Up: An SDR Perspective (2nd Edition) by Qasim Chaudhari
  • Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications (2nd Edition) by Bernard Sklar
  • Digital Communications (5th Edition) by John Proakis, Masoud Salehi
  • Digital and Analog Communication Systems (8th Edition) by Leon W. Couch
  • Digital Communication Systems Engineering with Software-Defined Radio by Alexander Wyglinski, Di Pu
  • Cognitive Radio Communications and Networks: Principles and Practice by Alexander Wyglinski, Maziar Nekovee, Thomas Hou
  • Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems (4th Edition) by B. P. Lathi,‎ Zhi Ding
  • Digital Communication (3rd Edition) by John R. Barry, Edward A. Lee, David G. Messerschmitt
  • Digital Communications with Emphasis on Data Modems: Theory, Analysis, Design, Simulation, Testing, and Applications by Richard W. Middlestead
  • Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications (2nd Edition) by Simon Haykin, Michael Moher
  • Wireless Communications (2nd Edition) by Andreas F. Molisch
  • Introduction to Wireless Digital Communication: A Signal Processing Perspective by Robert W. Heath Jr.
  • Communications Receivers: Principles and Design (4th Edition) by Ulrich L. Rohde, Jerry C. Whitaker, Hans Zahnd
  • Synchronization in Digital Communication Systems by Fuyun Ling, John Proakis

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

  • Understanding Digital Signal Processing (3rd Edition) by Richard G. Lyons
  • Discrete-Time Signal Processing (3rd Edition) by Alan V. Oppenheim, Ronald W. Schafer
  • Digital Signal Processing (4th Edition) by John G. Proakis, Dimitris K Manolakis
  • Digital Signal Processing in Modern Communication Systems by Andreas Schwarzinger
  • Digital Signal Processing 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started (2nd Edition) by Michael Parker
  • Think DSP: Digital Signal Processing in Python by Allen B. Downey

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

  • Software-Defined Radio for Engineers by Travis F. Collins, Robin Getz, Di Pu, and Alexander M. Wyglinski
  • Software Receiver Design: Build your Own Digital Communication System in Five Easy Steps by C. Richard Johnson Jr, William A. Sethares, Andrew G. Klein
  • Software Defined Radio using MATLAB & Simulink and the RTL-SDR by Robert W Stewart, Kenneth W Barlee, Dale S W Atkinson

Radio Frequency (RF) Electronics/Systems

  • RF Microelectronics (2nd Edition) by Behzad Razavi
  • Wireless Receiver Design for Digital Communications (2nd Edition) by Kevin McClaning
  • Microwave and RF Design of Wireless Systems by David M. Pozar

Amateur Radio and ARRL

  • The ARRL 2018 Handbook for Radio Communications
  • Software Defined Radio: for Amateur Radio Operators and Short Wave Listeners by Andrew Barron
  • An Introduction to HF Software Defined Radio: SDR for Amateur Radio Operators by Andrew Barron ZL3DW

Academic and Conference Papers